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ANYONE in a similar boat, any guidance? 45 with low AMH but okay FSH...

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Late to the game at 45 with low AMH (0.2) but okay FSH (11)...

Single, no children, living in London and before now thought I wasnít capable of being a single parent. However, just before the lockdown (March 23rd) I started to feel differently and started to look into my fertility but the lockdown slowed things down. Anyways I started the ball rolling again but my AMH levels had dropped even further and the likelihood of me getting pregnant with my own eggs is <1%; however, looking at giving it one go. I've started DHEA and acupuncture so hoping they'll help in some sort of way.  At the same time Iíve now got my head round the egg donor dilemma and see that as the only path realistically open to me. Issue now is Iím not sure where the best place to start is! Also Iíd prefer an Afro Caribbean donor but hear the wait is long - is this true, whatís other's experiences? can ANYONE help in anyway?
Much love to all in advance! 🥰

Hi, nothing is impossible! I started in my late 30s with own egg, but that didn't work out and now, I have just gone for donor eggs! Am single too and going it alone. Covid has put a lot of delays, restarted treatment this month and hoping my dream is very close by :)

hi there

i am not sure if you are with a clinic already who can explain your various treatment options etc with own egg ivf and perhaps donor egg ivf too.i am 43, pregnant following double donor IVF,  stopped own egg treatment and efforts last year after life time unexplained infertility. The ' HFEA ' and 'Donor conception network'  are both very informative and  in my experience double donor IVF is complicated.   I used CRYOS as the clinic i was at did not have a sperm bank . I then moved to another clinic which did not have a waiting list for egg donor treatment  ( a lot do have wait lists ) . Others may have treatment abroad , but for me non anonymity of the donors was crucial as in the UK law.

I am not sure about afro Carribbean donors and if you  are referring to male / female , the clinic I used is in Bristol.   anyway just some thoughts, best wishes x

Thank you for replying... Itís just good to know about the journey others have had. It feels like such a nerve racking time. Thanks for the advice. Wishing you both the best xx

I am 44 nearly 45 and I've been through the same thing over lockdown too. I don't have any answers for you but wanted to say I'm rooting for you and feeling like I'm in the same boat! I am looking into mitochondrial transfer. Have you heard of that or looked into it?


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