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Extremely high NKC


Hi there
Iím reaching out for some help
My CD69 absolute count was 3.96 one of the highest the Lister Clinic have ever seen
Iím doing weekly Intralipids
Iím on 25mg steroids and plaquenil
My next step is Humira
I wanted to know if anyone with levels as high as mine has managed to successfully convince
Iím 35 and have been 3 years trying
Havenít tried IVF yet but itís what I want to do next
Iíve never in all 3 years Concieved
I had a laparoscopy for Stage 3 endo earlier this year but Iíve a feeling itís back
Iíve also tried IVIG with TSI
Iím just looking for success stories with such a high marker


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