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A new thread for all you ladies having treatment in November  / December   2020

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Hey is there anyone here?

Iím sort of here. I sort of straddle the October and November groups but havenít been posting in the October one because I would have been so late joining it. I started stimming Thursday last week. The hope is egg collection next week and (assuming I get that far) Iíll be testing/2wwíing in November.

I had a scan Tuesday and my next one is today. On Tuesday I had six promising looking follicles. Iím shattered and achey but fortunately am now on annual leave the next two weeks.

Background: i have pcos and do not ovulate. I had donor medicated iui in February- got pregnant, told Iíd miscarried. This was incorrect, it was an ectopic that was missed on scanning. It ruptured at a little over 8 weeks. Lost a tube and advised by the fertility team that ivf is best now. So here I go. I want to start a family so much but Iím also terrified of the whole thing.

Are you cycling fyfey?

Hey Tickety, I feel like Iíve seen your name previously.... but then I wasnít around in February time during your IUI. Iím so sorry to hear about your last pregnancy... how awful! How can it have been missed? How likely is that to happen? So many questions eh?   

How did your scan go yesterday? Your a bit ahead of me, I wonít be at EC/ET stage until December. Iím just about to start down reg with the spray.

Background here:
6 months of clomid years ago
2 IUI 
OHSS during first round of IVF in 2014, stopped for 2/3 month.
June/July 2014 went again and got to EC/ET... had two top grade 5 day blasts, transferred one and now have a 5 year old.
Nov/Dec 2019 done a FET with the frostie, failed.
So now going for self funded IVF again with the hope of a sibling....

So although Iíve been here before, I really struggle to remember the process/time scale of it all. Maybe you can help? How long did you down Reg for? How long you been stimming?

I think with my successful IVF 6 years ago, I injected to down reg.... but this time Iím on spray. I used spray last year for the FET and it seemed to work fine, however I keep thinking that I got a positive outcome with the first IVF and not the FET... although itís probably nothing to do with how I down reg, just the way my mind works!!!

Where are you located? Are you cycling in this country or travelling?

Ah I suspect we know each other (cuz I recognise your name too) from the November/December 2019 group. I had a cancelled cycle in December 2019 because my lining was super thick at my baseline scan.

Oh god - how wrong everything went with my first pregnancy is still something I donít understand. The week before it ruptured Iíd been to EPAU and said ďI think I have an ectopic pregnancyĒ and they scanned me and told me I was wrong. I asked for serial hcgís and was told no because as far as they were concerned it was a completed miscarriage. I think they thought I was crazy. They certainly convinced me that I was crazy. So a week later when it ruptured it was just awful. I was rushed  to theatre and lord know a very clever surgeon saved my life but I still canít believe we found ourselves in that position. It was a mess. Should I ever get pregnant again I will be asking to use a different hospital.

My scan was good. She thinks Iíve got 10 follicles that look promising size wise - the others are all a bit small. My next scan is Monday and hopefully theyíll be cooked then because I run out of medication Monday!

Iím on an antagonist protocol and I didnít down reg. i just did three northisterone induced cycles in the run up to my treatment cycle to keep on top of my lining then they scanned me day 2 of this cycle  and I started stimming day 3. I believe itís because I have pcos and basically donít ovulate at all and have an AMH of 85 so am at high risk of OHSS. An antagonist protocol means they can use a different trigger if I do develop OHSS (but at least so far I havenít).

So far Iíve been stimming 10 days, my clinic tell me 12 is average.

Iím based in the Midlands and Iím having treatment in the uk. Iím self funding too. Where are you based/having treatment?


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