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Low AMH several failed IVF cycles: Do we stay in UK or go abroad?!

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Hi everyone!

Iím new to FF. Just had a fourth cycle of IVF and again got no embryos to transfer. Iím very lucky to have a boy through our first IVF cycle where we got two decent embryos, although one didnít take. My husband has had cancer treatment and I have a low AMH (7.3). The doctor has suggested egg donation as she thinks I have poor egg quality and thatís the reason our embryos arenít making it to blast. On the last cycle I got 11 eggs, 6 were mature enough to inject and 3 fertilised. So I know I can produce enough eggs to try again but I would want to switch to a clinic that specialises in low ovarian reserve, are there any decent ones in the UK? Iíve looked at Lister website briefly but canít see a price list! Also seem impressed with Instituto Bernabeu website, but bit wary about extra hassle of going abroad, what are peopleís experiences of it?!

Thanks for reading and any suggestions welcome  😊

Hello sunflower.

Sorry to hear about your unsuccessful rounds. Itís such a difficult journey, especially with the current covid situation and a little one to look after too.

Iím at the lister and have low AMH (5.6). Iíve had 6 rounds so far and many of these have been cancelled before egg collection due to poor response. So while I imagine itís frustrating that you are producing eggs but not good quality blasts itís good that you can get so many eggs and hopefully with the rig he protocol you could perhaps get fewer but good quality eggs.  I have found the lister ok. My consultant while quite clinical in his bedside manner is very efficient and Iíve been able to do back to back cycles with the focus on getting only a few but good quality eggs. This has worked when I have actually managed to get eggs (3 blasts out of 8 eggs over the 6 cycles). You are also able to email your consultant directly and they do respond quickly but generally the clinic is nurse led in the majority of the day to day care. The consultants do review scans and bloods and do change things if needed. I have considered changing clinics but Iím happy at the moment that the lister are treating me despite my low chances of success and havenít pushed the idea of DE after an initial conversation when I said I was not ready for that. Their website doesnít seem to be running at the moment which is why you canít get the price list up. We use access fertility multi cycle packages which have been better value that buying direct from the clinic. I also have a little one who is 3 and with that and work I couldnít realistically see how I could cycle abroad.

Good luck and hope you get some helpful info on other clinics to make your choice.

Hi Sunflower

I think you won't find a fertility clinic better than the Lister for your situation. I have a far lower AMH than yours and travel to the Lister from another European country because I really think they are that good at what they do. I work in the medical field and I really respect their ethos and their evidence-based approach. They try to keep their patients calm und unworried, they don't prescribe non-proven expensive add-ons, they don't make the experience feel like a boot camp and their doctors and embryologists are among the best in the world. I have had 4 cycles with them and been very happy with the results - they always got all the eggs out of the going number of follicles and a very high percentage made it to blast. They treat a very high percentage of 'poor-responders', believe in safety first, are honest with their patients chances and encourage single transfers and with all that still have some of the best success rates in the UK.
In view of Covid and the fact you live in the UK, I would highly recommend you save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress and pick the brilliant clinic you have in your own country. Travelling is an absolute logistical and risky nightmare at the moment! We paid about 4500 GBP for the last IVF round, not including the meds, which are probably about 2000 GBP. Their website is down at the moment, usually it is filled with some really useful and informative information.

Good Luck!

Thank you both for your feedback 😊 Iíll email lister for more details tomorrow

Hi, I am sorry to know you are going through this. I have been happy with my clinic, although they are brilliant, they might not be the clinic of the first choice in your case. From what I know most IVF clinics abroad work normal, but travelling also includes other parties involved such as air lines that might change their plans any time. So, I agree with posters above it is safer to trust a clinic nearby if they meet your criteria. I would only recommend  digging deeper and asking the clinic about your chances considering low AMH and your age that is also a very important factor. Good luck


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