* Author Topic: Low AMH several failed IVF cycles: Do we stay in UK or go abroad?!  (Read 761 times)

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Thatís so kind of your sister - Iím not sure if my hospital does known donors but Lister might.

Good luck with everything xxx


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    Hi Sunflower, like Mouse we used the Lister as I also couldn't realistically travel abroad for cycling although it is expensive there. I was at a clinic that didn't specialise in DOR before and like you they told me I had poor egg quality after 3 failed cycles with using very high doses of stims. Once I switched to the Lister and a low stim protocol plus letrozole, aiming for less eggs but high quality - from 9 mature eggs over 2 cycles I got 7 embryos, which made 4 good blasts (although I never had a baby with them but we have one saved blast for sibling hopefully). I think Lister are quite realistic about your chances and I like their pregnancy calculator so they can tell you the stats for your particular AMH, age, history etc and they let you make the decision about whether you think you would like to continue. However towards the end of my experiences with them I found them getting increasingly busy and less personalised. I would recommend my consultant there, I think others have had very mixed experiences depending on which consultant they see, so I would recommend trying to request the consultant you would specifically like to see and waiting for an apt even if they are popular. Also have you read It starts with the egg by Rebecca Fett? I would definitely take some of the advice with a pinch of salt but I did see an improvement from taking high dose ubiquinol for a few months before my transfer which was also something my consultant endorsed (he was skeptical about a number of other supplements). Also Lister does consider known donors as my sister also kindly offered and at one stage we did go quite far down the road of investigating it - we got all her bloods done at Lister and saw the DE councellors, but she also has DOR (but not as bad as me!)

     If you still want to consider at clinics abroad, maybe post on the low AMH thread, lots of the girls there have used Serum or Reprofit and may be able to tell you about their experiences.