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Due to my age (38) my doctors have offered the option of injection rather than pessaries.

Im a bit apprehensive about having to inject each day and worried about how it would be if the transfer successfully implants

Any advice out there from those who have used it successfully up to 12 weeks?



What type of injection? I did intramuscular progesterone instead of suppositories and it is a much more effective method of administration but it isnít as nice (not that the pessaries are particularly pleasant either!). Personally Iíd ask them what they think is best and go with that.

The pessaries are messy and definitely not an exact science in terms of ensuring you get the dose you are supposed to. I'd vote injections all day every day personally. As I recall from the cycle I insisted on them rather than pessaries, I was told to inject into my bum so no real concern if fingers crossed transfer is successful if you were worrying about doing them in your abdomen.

Iím injecting myself every day and also on the pessaries - Iíd maybe do two injections over the pessaries as theyíre three times a day and a bit messy.

Injections arenít great either obvs - think itís a personal choice perhaps. Pessaries easier to do not at home but Iím doubting youíre out lots at the moment anyway (if youíre based in the UK)

Weíre the same age - not sure what they think the age issue is for the different options xx

Thanks for all your advice.

No idea Rio, they just said they recommend it for those who are 37 and over.

In the end i decided to go for the pessaries ive had no issues with them in the past so decided to leave everything the same this round as last time we had success albeit ending at 8 weeks.

Missl - They said there isnt really much difference between them other than the injection guarantees the dosage in one shot but they said considering ive had no issues with progesterone absortion in the past it was my choice.

Roxbury - I was worried about them going in my abdomen they didnt mention about injecting in the bum. I kinda felt a bit flustered and would have liked to have chatted it over with partner first but given the restrictions its not possible.


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