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Coronavirus impacting Sperm production
« on: 13/11/20, 23:26 »
Hi everyone,

I've mentioned in my previous post that my husband has been diagnosed with non Obstructive Azoospermia. After speaking with his urologist, we learned that the coronavirus has been found to impact many patients seeing him this year. In some samples they had found zero to low count and later improved to low/normal count. Has anyone experienced this or heard any similar stories? Just trying to have hope as I believe my husband may have had the virus back in April.


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    Coronavirus impacting Sperm production
    « Reply #1 on: 14/11/20, 08:09 »
    Hi , not heard this but very interesting indeed if so.

    It would be extreme and pretty much unheard of  to have a zero count that returned spontaniously to normal however. I dont think that generally happens .

    However if Covid has been impacting male fertility in such a severe way then further research needs to be done as that's very concerning