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Hi ladies. I had another video session today with my reflexologist. She is such a lovely lady,full of vast amount of experience and knowledge about natural fertility, especially for ladies suffering low AMH,failed ivf,PCOS endometriosis, hormonal imbalance,misscarriage issues and many more. She works alongside you and puts a fertility plan in place to suit each individual needs. Shes full of positivity and explains everything really well. She's always at the end of a phone call if your feeling down and stressed. She is a lady who will go that extra mile to help you achieve your goals and your miracle baby. It has been a few months since I have been with her and already I am noticing changes in my body which hopefully will be good news. If anybody is interested please let me know and also at the moment she has a complimentary consultation. Her website is www.fertility.mamabe.co.uk. Let me know if your interested and I will be happy to share more information xx


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    Reflexologist for low amh and various other issues
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    it's great you are happy with yr reflexologist. Good luck on your journey x