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Bfp - due May / June / July 2021
« Reply #20 on: 21/01/21, 23:40 »
Hi Ladies,
Hope everyone doing well!
Rio that is fantastic the 20 wk scan went well . Mine is in 3 weeks , I'll be 21 wks then... Have to say i'm a little anxious about it but hoping theres
nothing to worry about at all. A lot of my sickness was replaced with tiredness but thats slowly going.... replaced with breathlessness.. feels a bit early to be out of breath ,
i do feel huge but my BMI was in the normal range a few weeks ago. I lost a stone at the start of pregnancy and now a bit over my pre pregnancy weight but i'm sure i've lost muscle from lack of exercise so i'm sure i've gained more than baby weight..
I'm walking every day but unfortunately can't swim with the lockdown and I'm not really a yoga person unless its in a class and i'm forced to stay there ; )
I did think about cutting a whole in a spare mattress for my belly as i'm finding sleeping really uncomfortable sleeping on my side and i've over 20 wks to go so not going to get any easier.
Please god Covid stays away as I have spent the last few months sick i really don't need any more complications. That goes for all of us  ^pray^

I hope everyone is feeling well. I can't complain too much overall . trying to book a holiday , within 50km, just to have something to look forward to in May before baby comes , impossible to plan anything but hoping there will be a bit more freedom by then and we can enjoy a little holiday even for a few days before baby comes . My 5 year old is due to go under General Anesthetic to get 2 teeth out around the same time so the whole thing might be cancelled but trying not to think of that right now as i get a pain in my stomach if i do ... also going to set us back a few thousand euro even with 3 insurance policies... always something to worry about eh. The twins birthdays are coming up in Feb also . Trying to think of a way to compensate the fact they'll have no friends at it , thought i might buy them a cat as they'd really love that though we have 2 already and not sure i need another animal with baby on the way, i've no other bright ideas at the moment....

Better go to bed,
 ^hugme^ to everyone!


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    Bfp - due May / June / July 2021
    « Reply #21 on: 23/02/21, 19:34 »
    Hi guys, hows everyone doing? Hope all doing okay.

    Im so glad its feeling more like spring 💕

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    Bfp - due May / June / July 2021
    « Reply #22 on: 28/02/21, 07:57 »
    Hey,  long time no catch up,  well how quickly time is flying by,  just 14 more weeks to go until we meet our little boy.
    I feel like a bloated whale, I'm only small and have long legs and a short body so my bump is all up front and it's becoming a little uncomfortable already.  We're both healthy though so can't complain.

    How is everyone else doing,  how are you ladies feeling about giving birth in hospital in the circumstances? It's good the rates are going down but if must people week be vaccinated by may I'm not sure how careful they will be that's worrying me a little.
    Hugs all
    Ikle xxx