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A new thread for all you ladies having treatment in January/ February 2021

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Iíll be the first to write ladies. I had 1 failed ivf cycle last February bfn. 1 fet in September early miscarriage. ☹️ And I am now embarking on ivf 3rd cycle. Itís gna b a fresh one. Got all my dates yesterday, Scratch is due 5th jan, egg collection 25th jan. and injections in between. Letís hope 2021 is a better year for us all!! good luck everyone look forward to cycling with you 🥰😘

After being bumped last month (thanks covid) hopefully it's this month - cycling abroad, cycle 5 differing approach for me this time, we're doing some freeze cycles, then down regging for a couple of months before doing transfers. I'll be starting stims the beginning of Jan, going for collection around the 20th, providing covid doesn't spanner it AGAIN!

AFM - Long fertility history, 12 pregnancies 4 births (ex husband) all except one needing some help, clomid etc. Child 1 4xm/c child 2, 2x m/c child 3, surprise 4. (6m/c at this point)

IVF - TTC this one for coming up 7 years or there abouts. 4 rounds of IVF - 1 BFN, 2 BFP - septic m/c at 8 weeks, 3 BFN (crappest round ever), 4 BFP - M/C at 7 weeks 5 days then sepsis 4 days later. Such a joy! (now up to 8m/c)

Adeno, Endo, PCOS, adhesions, possible fibroids - adeno so far advanced MRI had some high frequency spots of adenomyomas too.

Had PRP done in September, will see if it makes a difference in the next cycle - 44 this month. Hormone profile is still fine, would just like a bit more quality for a few extra blasts!

Oh god u have really been through it we are doing ivf for our first baby and have been trying naturally for 5 years before it. I have pcos and only one tube we make good quality embryos but they just arenít sticking properly ☹️ Looks like we are stimming around the same time. Here if u need a rant or chat or anything  xxx

Hi Emz and Blodyn (we were on the nov thread together).

Iím heading for my 8th round in the new year (7 fresh and 1 fet) but nearly half of these cycles have been cancelled due to poor response. I have low egg reserve and donít make many eggs so have only managed 4 embryos in total.

My last fet was cancelled due to thin lining and the recommendation I should have a hysteroscopy for scarring (have a previous pregnancy which resulted in emergency section). So had that and it was all clear. So will start mid jan on estrogen tablets, patches and pessaries (I feel sorry for my OH my mood swings are terrible on estrogen!). I have also been told I will take baby aspirin to try and thicken up the lining.

Nice to have some people going through this at a similar time.


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