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Is it strange to freeze embryo at Day 3?? At which stage the Embryo get frozen?

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Good evening ladies!

I had my egg collection last Thursday and today is Day 3. I received a call from embryologist saying that one embryo is at 9 cells stage and they are going to freeze it.

I thought all embryos were frozen after morula stage, at blastocyst? Or is it not the case?

Never heard of this before either but I am sure the clinic and the lab have a reason and are good at freezing day 3 embryos if thats their protocol.

If they do day 3 transfers then freezing on day 3 might be in line with that.  Some labs are just good at day 3 or cultivating to day 5 etc. But I would ask the reason.

I suppose you might want to discuss whether you want to transfer on day 3 or 5.

Otherwise yay for having a lovely quality day 3 nine cell embryo and hereís to more on day 4 & 5!

I did banking rounds at create and this is there normal procedure. Freeze at day 3 if good, if not wait till day 5. I think it is better than day 1 freezing because at least you know you have a better developed embryo but to be honest if I had my time over again I would ask to wait till day 5 to freeze as I would want to know the grading and know what chances I have of pregnancy from the embryo(  I did Ivf from 41-44, 13 rounds no golden egg found)
I had 6 banking rounds at the lister, freeze day 1 and ended up with 12 embryos, but when they brought them out of freeze, all was great by day 3 but by day 5 I only had 2 and a bfn. I was devastated and would have been better to know in each cycle if they could make it to day 5 instead of getting my hopes up. It is hard as each clinic does something different and really it is up to you what you prefer if you ask them but you are always reliant on their advice.
Still a day 3 9 cell is very good news and hopefully will grow into a good day 5 blast when it comes to FET. With the banking rounds you are giving yourself the best chance and I think Is the best plan for women over 40 with low AMH. I was very unlucky but had 2 friends one 41 and the other 43 when they got pregnant through ivf so it does happen.


My embryos were frozen at day 3.  Perfectly normal.  Good luck.


Can you ask them why? They should be able to explain it? Is it because they think itíll develop better in you?

Good luck x


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