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Home insemination using donor from sperm bank


Hi ladies
I already have a 5 year old and have tried 2 rounds of IVF to give her a sibling but have had no luck.
Iím 45 and single and have v little money left to spend in fertility treatment.
The only thing I could afford is hone insemination with donor sperm. However, the Danish sperm Banks Iíve used in the past no longer post sperm to U.K. hone addresses, only HFEA approved clinics.
Is there any way round this? Would it be possible to use sperm banks from elsewhere or have a local fertility clinic store sperm for you need it at home?
Iím wracking my brain!

Sellmerdiers used to do this, but I think they only do it to the EU countries anymore. Depending on where you live you could look into taking a cheap Ryanair flight or a eurostar train or such to a EU county and have it shipped there? Or you can use a known donor of course.


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