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30y, Same Sex Marriage, PCOS. IVF info session booked!


 We have been together for 8 years,  married for nearly 2. IVF referral in progress for over a year. I have PCOS with over 30 "cysts" and sky high AMH, 2-3 periods per year. I will be the first to carry a baby (hopefully!) Neither of us have been pregnant before.

Sperm arrived today (from Xytex sperm bank) and "IVF information session" booked- going for CRM in Coventry.

What can we expect from the information session? How long is it usually from information session until egg collection? What is the pre egg collection treatment like? Does egg collection hurt? What is recovery like?

Hi! I don't have time to reply to all of your questions, but we are a same-sex couple that did ivf as well, I blogged about the entire process step by step on our blog, link in my signature :)


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