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Thoughts on European clinics


Hello hello! I searched upon some previews threads on this topic but they were somewhat inactive so I decided to start a new one to gain some perspective! I've decided to move forward with IVF in the following months. I haven't narrowed down the where part yet, but I'm getting close. I've spoken to a few clinics and got some good feedback. They have happily answered my questions.

I was looking for some personal insight from you guys. Perhaps someone has visited one of these clinics and can give me a better sense of how they operate?

I've looked into Life Leuven in Belgium, ProcreaTec in Spain and Dunya clinic in Cyprus.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

I'm trying to decide on a clinic too. Few active posts on her and social media is full of clinic reps silencing negative reviews.
Any other forums for independent reviews?

happybaby2b - I cannot help with the clinics you mentioned, however, I have been happy with mine. If you will want to know more, pm. Good luck with your treatment.


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