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Is it normal for embryos not to reach at all blastocysts stage? I've been doing 2 cycles so far and I got none!  Statistics says that "25% of the embryos are likely to survive to the blastocyst stage" but in my case it's 0%! :-\

What should I look out for? thanks in advance

Hi SuperMaria, it varies such a lot - for many of my cycles I got a few very good looking blastocysts that ended up being miscarriages or chemical pregnancies. Other times you might only get one or two but one that sticks, so just because they go as far as blastocyst stage isn't everything and sometimes it's better to lose abnormal embryos at an earlier stage as it's less disappointing! Donor eggs & embryos of course have much better odds. I know how frustrating it is. Wishing you lots of luck next time, keep going!  :)  ^reiki^  ^pray^  xx

Hi SuperMaria, I never got blastos on my own eggs and after four rounds went to donor eggs. Then had my daughter and pregnant again. However Iíve read of lots of people having success with day 2,3 embryos too. Worth discussing with your consultant. I was 33 when I started IVF but my ovaries were damaged by endometriosis. Good luck x

Don't lose hope - I did 3 cycles which yielded only 5 embryos, and never got any embryos make it to blasto and both my 2 day transfers ended with a BFN. I then went on to have 2 natural pregnancies, so I don't think it can have been that we had dodgy embryos, more just a case of luck and numbers (and as much prep as you can manage for improving egg and sperm quality). Best of luck xx

I donít know your age, but apart from it, it could be related to the sperm quality and the lab itself. Not all the labs are equally good.


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