* Author Topic: January / February 2021 Cycle Buddies  (Read 16716 times)

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January / February 2021 Cycle Buddies
« Reply #280 on: Yesterday at 05:43 »
Mouse - sending gentle hugs. Iím sorry.

Lola - how far along would you be at the clinic scan? Iíd suggest getting a private one if you can earlier. You should be able to see a heartbeat by 6+3.


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    January / February 2021 Cycle Buddies
    « Reply #281 on: Yesterday at 09:12 »

    Hi all

    Mouse - Iím so sorry to hear this

    Wobbly- thatís great news, congratulations.

    Lola - I donít really believe it either. In fact when I had to tell my GP in order to arrange epau referral I said ďwell Iíve had a round of ivf and so itís far itís been positive. Technically Iím 5 weeks.Ē Iím still not saying the word. I talk around it.

    Beth - thatís wonderful news.

    Ellie - Iíve seen your thread but Iím not brave enough to join it until Iíve been scanned! Hopefully Iíll see you there in the future...

    Leanne - I found once I was testing regularly to check in on the line the time did start to move more quickly. I hope it continues to get darker for you.

    Fyfey - Iím glad youíre feeling more positive. I hope AF arrives soon for you.

    Eloise - sorry to hear about your other embryos, I found it disappointing as my collected eggs/fertilised eggs/viable embryos slowly dwindled. But they say it takes well. I hope you are resting after your transfer.

    Afm - itís been a week! I returned to work Monday and moved house Thursday. Itís been exhausting. I made sure I wasnít lifting or anything but itís just been so tiring. Iím going to bed before 9pm most nights and on Thursday night I actually fell asleep mid conversation. Iím working today but itís just a quick 4 hour shift. I took your advice re:epau. I asked my GP to refer me but said I wouldnít see the midwife Iíd seen previously. Amazingly there is now an epau in another nearby town. I didnít know because where I work itís about 45 mins away so we would never send patients there and itís been open less than a year, but where I live itís actually only a little further than the main hospital (just in the opposite direction) so my GP referred me there. Spoke to the midwife at the new epau yesterday and she was lovely, really seemed to understand. Sheís booked me for Friday for a scan (Iíll be 6+1) to check position and my clinic have me booked at 7+1 to check for a heartbeat.

    Iím testing less. I keep wanting to do another digital but I think if the 2-3 hasnít gone to 3+ Iíll freak out, even though I know theyíre not terribly accurate, therefore instead Iím just trying to accept that there is nothing to be done but take my medication and wait. Being mega busy has at least helped with that.

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    January / February 2021 Cycle Buddies
    « Reply #282 on: Yesterday at 09:42 »
    I have only done one test 🙃
    Havenít even contacted my GP yet 🤫
    I could have booked a scan with my satellite fertility clinic, but they are a 4 hour round trip away from me (I live in a remote area). So I went with a private scan that is only a 2 hour round trip (and is 1/3 of the price!)
    My satellite clinic is a rip off but they can charge what they like because they have no competition! It just means Iíll be scanned at 8 wks instead of 7.