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My little boy is almost three months old and a glimmer of normality is in the distance.  Parenthood is always more unexpected and surprising then you imagine and/or remember.
I still sometimes look at him and feel amazed that he is with us.  I do feel incredibly lucky.

I shall update the FET diary with all the birth details but for now I will jump into life right now....

I have found the first 12 weeks quite challenging at times. I love him so much.

Isolation has also been a factor.  I am very close to my family and never expected to go through pregnancy and new mother period without their face to face to support. COVID is terrifying.

I worked right up to the birth as it was brought forward so never really had a break before giving birth

I am also not yet fully scanned to check everything is okay re cancer reoccurrence so thatís been on my mind also.  It looks like I canít be fully checked until after I stop breastfeeding.  These days the guidance is that weaning should only start at 6mths and I had planned to start the transition from breast to bottle around weaning at three months so it looks like I will have to continue longer.

Anyway, sleep is precious and little mister is asleep so I should sleep also.

Night night x

Anyway,  just wanted to encourage myself to start this diary by submitting a little something


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    Tough couple of days as the little one was out of sorts post vaccination.  Not much sleep.

    The first 8 weeks I would say I really didnít get much sleep, it was growling with constant cluster feeding.  You know that you wonít get much sleep with a newborn but the reality, nothing prepares you for it.  You make it through though, you look at your little bundle and it helps you through. 

    In those early weeks i could not believe it fully.  I would fall asleep as DS slept and wake up suddenly saying to myself ďoh my god I have got a babyĒ, almost a sense of panic until I turned my head and saw him safe and sound in the crib.

    I am hoping that tonight he will sleep a solid 4 hrs before waking up for a feed.

    Wish me luck!  Sleep awaits....for a brief time anyway....😆