* Author Topic: how important is sperm quality (if using DE)?  (Read 193 times)

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hi there. I'm just getting my head around using DE after  OE years ago.  I dont think I can make the leap to DS and I'm just wondering about the implication. DH had low count and 99% abnormal morphology when we tried years ago but ICSI DE was recommended. my quandary is that I dont want to re open old wounds and try again if it's another fail /DS is suggested. I've read about DNA frag. tests..would this tell me clearly whether to try ICSi or not? Also, is his sperm likely to have got worse over the years.. now 48..40 when we started. do we test sperm analysis again?


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    how important is sperm quality (if using DE)?
    « Reply #1 on: 23/02/21, 17:20 »
    Hi Kate,
    I suppose the only people who would be best qualified to give you an accurate answer is your clinic doctors. Sperm quality is definitely important for fertilisation and embryo development. And with the high cost of DE, it would be an awful price to pay if the sperm quality was not good enough and the cycle was wasted 😕
    Would it be worth doing more tests on the sperm to get current readings?
    Wishing you lots of luck with whatever you decide 🙂

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    how important is sperm quality (if using DE)?
    « Reply #2 on: 23/02/21, 22:04 »
    I think it really is a case of trying and finding out unfortunately.
    You see some on here who's partners have azoospermia
    yet they still manage to wind up with a genetic child. And others who's partners have what u would think were very mild sperm issues and they cant get it to work for love nor money even with a sprightly donor egg.

    Sorry its probably not the most helpful answer when trying to plan and decide a way fowards.

    Best to go with your gut

    Best of luck xx