* Author Topic: What are my chances with amh of 6 to 8?  (Read 292 times)

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Hi could anyone please give any indication of getting any eggs/embryos with my much lowered amh from 26.8 back in 2015 to now 6 ( last week amh) and 8 ( beginning of Jan) ...long story why i had 2 amh readings in 2 months. Feeling very down tbh after putting the phone down to my consultant about cycling again. It felt like is there any point cycling again


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    What are my chances with amh of 6 to 8?
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    My AMH was only 3 but I still got plenty of eggs (33,10,8,7). Unfortunately quality was poor (I'm over 40) so no success in the 6 resulting transfers. AMH is just one part of the puzzle.

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