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Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
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Mouse -
Some women's ovaries have a bit of a panic when faced with high dose stims.  Mine did - the first cycle I had was 300, and my ovaries just went into shut down, it took a couple of months for them to recover.   I have a theory that it is to do with high LH leading to regression (which is what normally happens to the non dominant follicles).   

Also I never did v well on a letrazole cycle either, again I think because of the LH - but then other people have done v well on them.

v.low AMH women need very gentle management - there are lots of studies showing egg quality is affected by the amount of stims (for people with quality issues). 

You will honestly get a better response from a lower dose, personally I would cancel give your ovaries a mont off and come back in 2 months. 

I agree with Shady, you can pick and choose which month to proceed on and although in theory there is no evidence that the hormone ballance on day2 of your cyle makes a difference, in reality I know quite a few people (and clinicians) who think that it did for them.  For me, I know I probably only make a good egg perhaps 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 months, but perhaps your eggs are better than mine!


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