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Hi girls,

Mrs Love, thank you for your nice reply to my message. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping your next cycle brings good news. I'm really sorry I haven't replied before.

In reply to your message Gulshie, I take resveratrol as I saw it was recommended in Agates FAQs. I've read a post from a link of Agate's that shows a fertility consultant (Alan Sher, I think) writing that omega 3 is fine to take, even when you're on immune therapy. (I looked at it to check the recommended dosage.)  I've never tried the mushrooms though. One thing that did spring to mind when I read your profile is the Alan E. Beer book, Is Your Body Baby Friendly? After my miscarriage I had what I believed to be a full miscarriage screen and nothing significant showed up. I late discovered Alan Beer's book and with it that there had been treatable causes for the miscarriage all along. The problem in my case was, that I found out too late i.e. when I was too old!

Tito, what a wonderful thing you've done, in donating your eggs! Lots of people will be full of admiration for you. I'm delighted you're carrying twins now though!

Hi Henlie! I read your post with interest. I use BioCare supplements but have just had a word with them about the fact they use rubber stoppers for a few of their products. I recently discovered that rubber is highly toxic to human embryos, eggs and sperm! I now won't buy anything from them unless the technical department can assure me first that it doesn't have a rubber stopper. Lamberts don't seem to use any rubber stoppers, so they're easier to order from.

Wishing you all lots of luck,



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    Hi im funny taking tablets get quite sickly not very good at swallowing lots of them but will do anything....just wondering where people got there supplements from just want the best but the cheapest if possible what ive got so far to order at holland and barrett comes to £70 plus also found the pregicare half price on amazon so will be ordering it from there.... xx

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    I'm worried ....
    I'm not able to eat a majority of fruit. But can eat veg. Is taking supplements like Pregnacare able to substitute the fruit issue? If not, can you suggest anything that can?


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    rainbows_treasure, two things.

    1. Skimping on supplements is a false economy. If you find a good one it is worth spending money on for cost-benefit reasons (before you go for IVF and ICSI) and if ideally if you have a few months to work with. Have you heard of the IVF refund guarantees in the UK (treatment happens in Prague)? Take a look at Intertrust Fertilityís Refund Plan if you havenít already. Dont waste both your time by taking poor supplements, which have big marketing behind them and/or get endorsed by clinics for kickbacks! Do your own research and open your eyes! 

    For male fertility supps, here is an incredibly helpful page menfertility.org/male-fertility-supplements-review which compares most of them side by side. The only things I would add are extra Carnitine and omega-3. This is great combo for men, because it gives them (and their swimmers!) energy and helps them burn more fat. 
    For us ladies it is more complex. Just make sure you take enough omega-3, folic acid, zinc, vitamin A/C/E, iron and copper. Read human-fertility.com/the-effects-of-nutrients-on-female-fertility

    2. If you struggle with swallowing pills, crush them or open the capsules and drink with sweet juice. That is how I did it.  ^hugme^

    Love London, supps does not mean substitute :) You must eat as much fresh food & (ideally green) veggies as you can. No fast food allowed!

    Sending you ladies luck and babydust - never give up!


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    Hi can anyone tell me about whether it is best to drink more milk to improve egg quality or to avoid it if you have endometriosis and possible immune issues?