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Hi there i am 31 yr old male been doing sperm samples from last summer 2005 and banking my sperm to be frozen for my 34 wife for our treatment for ICSI. I was told at my local hospital that i had 0.1 million sperm and a very low count where i felt shocked as a bloke and myself and Mrs was offered donor sperm for us to become a complete family. I went to St Mary's last summer and did a sample there and my sperm count was really poor and i was going to give up last summer after a rubbish result. However i kept going and going every month and then once a week but that meant our sex life was on hold. But I have good news yesterday i completed my six sample which i am over the moon about and they going to used the 4th sample on ICSI when it comes to egg collection day if my sample on the day not very good.

I have found St Mary's good they talk to you instead of just passing the pot to u but it has been a rollercoaster doing the samples and feeling tired after doing the sample i have had to cut down beer and been drinking orange juice taking zinc tablets each night before bed and the wife folic acid in the morning at breakfast which sure helps. In the room itself I found it tough doing a sample at times because the magazines did nothing for me but i had to block all out and forget where i was and just chill. We are starting ICSI in April/March and wife doing injections next month cycle so we continue on this journey and take each stage as it arrives for us as a couple.

I hope to hear from other couples experiences and look forward to any guys who wish to chat with myself.

Regards Snuffy142


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    Re: ICSI and Frozen Sperm at St Mary's Manchester
    « Reply #1 on: 1/02/06, 09:26 »
    Hi Snuffy, i think you were in the chat room last night, or maybe i was dreaming. ^idiot^

    Its great that things have improved for you after such a long and worrying time. I know its difficult for men to get round the idea that there sperm isnt always as it should be.

    We are using donor sperm because my DP hasnt got any. Thats been very difficult for him but we have got through it and are having IVF with donor sperm in April.

    I wish you lots of luck to you both and keep posting to let us know how you are getting on.

    There is an ICSI thread that you or your wife could post on.

    Bronte xx


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    Re: ICSI and Frozen Sperm at St Mary's Manchester
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    Hi Snufy,

    I think i replied to one of your other posts... anyway we have male factor too and we are at st marys aswel... we was there yesturday in fact giving a sample!  :)

    I actually go in with my DH and help him a long the way which is great! Have you thought about doing that with your wife? DH says he feels a lot beter when im there, it must be hard for you men to perform under pressure & i agree that those magazines ar'nt much to look at, dh says he prefares me - Lyer!!!! ha ha  ^roflmao^

    Glad you have got your 6th sample over with and that they have found a good sample to use, have you tried multiviatmins aswell? also dh found that red bull also helps aswell???????

    Sweetcheeks  ^rainbow^ 8)

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    Re: ICSI and Frozen Sperm at St Mary's Manchester
    « Reply #3 on: 7/02/06, 20:20 »
    Hi Snuffy

    I am new to this site and topic.  My partner and I (getting married in 4 weeks)too have been attending St marys in manchester.  On our last appointment we were told that we have v low sperm count below 500,000.  We pretty much knew this.  I am in a slightly different situation which I hope doesnt mean I upset anyone by joining this group.  I have two children already from my previous marraige, but my soon to be DH has no natural children.  He raised his daughter for 14 years before finding out she is not naturally his, this is now known to her aswell but luckily they have a good relationship still.  Nevertheless he thought that he was fertile because of her birth and has had his earlier suspicions of infertlity re-confirmed.  With my advancing age 34 we have decided to give ICSI a try although my DH confidence that it will work is understandably dented.  As we live together with my children we will have to pay for this treatment, which we have accepted.  We are now awaiting CARE at Manchester to receive referal from St Marys for treatment.

    My main worry is how to go through with this treatment and keep my DH self worth intact!  I feel a bit of fraud but my desire for children is not as strong as his, although my love for any baby born will be just as powerful as the love I have for my other two.