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Anthony Reid:
Aside from Academic, Occupational, personal health(including psychological/genetic) and Family medical history - What questions would you like to see when profiling a prospective donor?


-why they donated
-how many times they donated
-how many successes they had from their donation
-do they have their own children

Yes, knowing their motivation for donating is something I would really like to know.

janny bear:
Hi  :-*

Think i could fill an A4 piece of paper ;)

I'd like to know if they'd donated whilst having ivf.
If they'd used frozen embryos.
The type of drugs protocol they'd had.
How they think they'd managed a successful pregnancy from either.
How would they feel if the child traced them later on.
Their views on certain aspects of treatment etc.
Why they had decided on donating.
Religious values
Moral values

Most of all, i'd like to say  - THANK YOU.

Following on from Janny, the thing I would most like to say is thank you!
I would like to know why they donated (not just motivational factors but what actually triggered them to do it - an advert, current tx or what?) but I'd also like to know how they would feel about a child contacting them 18 years (or even 50 years) down the line.


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