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Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
« Reply #180 on: 13/11/09, 16:59 »
OH wow! I get to post on this thread after 6 long years!  ^reiki^ :)

Here goes:

increased sense of smell [thought it was my imagination at first, but it wasn't]
regular af type pains [sometimes BAD aching as opposed to 'acute pain']
increased [yellowish] cm
a few hot flushes
restless.. interrupted sleep
feeling 'damp' down there sometimes
wierd shooting pains - kinda like little electric shocks sometimes - all around my abdomen and vagina
pains in my ovaries like I've pulled a muscle when I move/cough/laugh
a few really nasty headaches - on the one side of my head only,  one like you'd have with a hangover and one that affected my eye
craving for garlic bread
nasty skin breakout
more frequent peeing, but that's probably due to all the water I'm drinking
severe mood swings
couple of erotic dreams.. which they say can be an indicator of pregnancy??
[and a bit TMI.. ] blood in my bogies when I sneezed

.. and a strange one: a feeling of complete calm [swept over me in the middle of a bout of tears last Friday night.. very strange and I can't explain it, but it was an awesome feeling and I felt 100% better/more positive within minutes] It might well have been a baby or babies implanting!!  ^reiki^ :)

I'm currently 4 weeks 3 days: my bbs were sore from tx drugs but that soon passed and it hasn't come back.. I haven't had any nausea, no dizziniess, no implanation bleed, no extreme tiredness, no itchy nipples, no bbs swelling, no odd taste on my mouth, no backache.. so basically I've had very few of the 'usual' preg symptoms.. least, not yet??


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    Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
    « Reply #181 on: 14/11/09, 21:05 »

    After searching this board during the 2ww I thought it only fair I should my symptoms and hope it is useful.

    The day of et and the following day I had AF type pain on/off all day.  Then mild odd twinges (not many) over the next couple of days.  Then nothing for 3 days (apart from sore heavy boobs but I knew that was the cyclogest).  Thursday following ET (5dp3d tfr) strong AF pain all day (am sure this is when my embie/embies implanted!), however then all symptoms completely disappeared so no sore boobs at all, no pain or twinges, no bloating I felt completely normal and how I did on my negative cycle.

    On the Monday (9dp 3d tfr) I said to DH, don't get your hopes up as I am 90% sure it hasn't worked.  On tuesday which was day 10 post transfer, I felt mildly nauseous, went dizzy and lightheaded when I got up and I ws getting sharp pains in groin  (similar to those Serenfach mentions above)....and then in the night I was sooooooooo hungry I couldn't get back to sleep and I recognised these symptoms from my previous pgy with DD.  I tested early based on thiss feeling and got our BFP.

    Good luck ladies!

    Moshy x

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    Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
    « Reply #182 on: 8/12/09, 10:04 »
    Hi there,
    I'm new here but just have to talk a little bit....
    I've had IVM done in July and  sadly it didn't work. I was very stressed that time so I guess that was the reason for my BFN.
    I am now in my 2ww in a medicated frozen cycle (had 2 embryos transfered) and have to do test tomorro ^pray^

    I'm soooooo desperate to stay positive with all the symptoms I felt or maybe haven't felt....? But as I read above I woke up one night and had this amazing sensation of "Oh my god, I MUST be pregnant" I felt sooooo happy and sure...it was absolutely brilliant and I felt a sensation in my lower tummy ;D

    Then the symptoms got less and less and eventually stopped. After that amazing night I know feel fairly negative and am sooooo scared to do the test tomorrow. I have slightly sore breasts (or rather nipples) and that's about it. Not really any feelings in my tummy, or nausea or .... NOTHING!!!!
    I didn't sleep much this night as I kept waking up feeling very negative and sad... soooo scared to do the test tomorrow, I wish I had some symptoms
    Thank you for any replies or similar stories....


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    Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
    « Reply #183 on: 8/12/09, 10:22 »
    hi hun
    I dont know if you have come across this thread yet but i think it would help you alot as these are other women who are ttc with tx ...


    Good luck for tomorrow  ^reiki^


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    Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
    « Reply #184 on: 18/12/09, 11:50 »
    Good luck to everyone here on the 2WW

    I have just done the test this morning and got a wonderful  ^BFP^ so thought I would share my symptoms, or lack of, with you as this site has kept me sane for the last 2 weeks.

    I had a difficult transfer and ended up having to go back to do it under general anaesthetic, so have attributed the niggling stomach twinges, bloating, pulling etc sensations to that. I've had no spotting, nausea, painful boobs etc. I did have a metallic taste in my mouth for around 30 secs one night that was weird at the time but I thought was too early to mean anytihng - I think this may have been on the day of transfer (day 5) so thought it was something due to the GA. Other than that, I possibly had slight dizziness yesterday but thought it might have just been having my head stuck in a book too long!

    All the best to everyone waiting or, like me, hoping to get unscathed through the next stage

    Elby xxx

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    Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
    « Reply #185 on: 13/01/10, 14:03 »
    Hi girls,
    Have been going through your helpful stories. I am having tx abroad and had 4 blasts transfered on friday 8/01. Had severe pain that night and the following day and was rushed to the er. Ovarian torsion was the diagnosis. Was placed on strong meds and pain stopped. Since then was very bloated, sore boobs, heavy feeling 'down there', headaches, night sweats and dizzy spells. This morning 5dpt I woke up and apart from the headaches zilch, nothing. completely  :-X . What do you girls think. Any hope for a BFP

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    Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
    « Reply #186 on: 9/02/10, 21:06 »
    On 2ww had forgotten aout this thread. :)

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    Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
    « Reply #187 on: 20/02/10, 20:01 »


    Thought I'd post my 2WW symptoms:

    Day 5 blast transfer, Day 7 ovary twinges, Day 8 cramping and some back ache, Day 9 sore cramps, Day 10 excruiating pains (in tears), Day 11 AF aches, Day 12 aches and bleed (red blood for one toilet visit), Day 13 - Day 16 AF aches and back ache like AF about to start.  Day 16 - BFP!.

    Never thought it was going to be BFP as was in so much pain, really never can tell!

    Best wishes to all on 2WW.

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    Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
    « Reply #188 on: 22/02/10, 09:42 »
    Morning all

    what a wonderful thread this is, have just stumbled upon it.

    I am 9 days past a 5 day transfer with donor eggs, am due to test on Thursday.  For my last 2 pessaries, ie. this morning and yesterday evening, i had a very light brown discharge come back down with all the pessary gunk.  I had resigned myself that I would wake up this morning with a period, but nothing.  Is this normal, I really was setting myself up for the worst.  No bleeding so I'm still hopeful but on constant knicker alert.  Has anyone had this and gone on to have a BFP.

    Dee xx

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    Re: 2ww symptoms that went onto a BFP
    « Reply #189 on: 24/02/10, 11:52 »
    vERY NORMAL - sorry not to reply earlier...this is the perfect time for implantation spotting! Good luck for testing,

    Kay xxx