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This might sound really stupid but..here goes..

I had really good response to drugs on 1st IVF cycle only a few months ago...2nd IVF very poor response.. to be honest the doctor could only find one of my ovaries... (im really worried)

Is it possible that the other has moved?  Gone?  Been damaged during EC last time?  I had heavy bleeding after last EC... I had BFN and lost a large clot... im hoping that wasnt my ovary?????????  totally paranoid now..

The doctor seemed quite worried that he couldnt find my one ovary.. and the response is poor from the other...  He said 'the cycle should mirror the last one because they are close together'.... but obviously mine hasnt.. why?

Can any one answer any of my questions please?

als xx  ^idiot^


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    Re: 2nd ivf - v poor response why?
    « Reply #1 on: 27/03/06, 07:22 »
    i'm no expert hun, and i cant answer all of your questions, just wanted to offer a hug.
    i think i'd ring the consultant again, ask him these questions he should be able to answer most of them - even if he doesnt know why you didnt respond very well  :( . I doubt very much that the clot would be your ovary, i'd guess that that is physically impossible - it would have to come through your fallopian tube - and its too big? did you have the same drugs as last time?

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    Re: 2nd ivf - v poor response why?
    « Reply #2 on: 27/03/06, 08:19 »

    I totally feel for you as I went through this too.  My first IUI was meant to be with Clomid.  I responded very well to my 3 previous clomid cycles, sometimes too well whereby I would have 5 over 15mm follicles. When I went for my scan, there was only one follicle (well actually a cyst) and they couldn't find my other ovary.  I was the same as you in that I was terrified as I wondered what happened to it.  My consultant explained that when the ovary isn't active i.e it hasn't produced any follicles, it stays in a higher posistion. 

    I was devatsted and my consultant was also baffled as to why this cycle was so different from the previous.  She then changed my drugs to injectables and the next cycle both my ovaries were there in the scan and had produced follices. 

    It is baffling why this happens, just the IF journey I suppose.

    I am sorry for you but I urge you to speak to your consultant and see what can be changed/ amended.

    Take Care and Wishing you all the best

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    Re: 2nd ivf - v poor response why?
    « Reply #3 on: 27/03/06, 09:58 »
    Hi both

    thank you for your replies...

    I dont understand..im on the same injectable drugs...same dose..low dosage..im angry he never increased to another amp or something when i went on friday..

    Im back at the clinic today for another scan....so will see whats going on..

    lots of hugs

    als xx

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    2nd ivf and no response to menopur-advice needed
    « Reply #4 on: 27/05/11, 13:47 »
    I wonder if anyone can offer any advice
    I did my 1st IVF last November, I was on the long protocol dring with buserelin and stimming with 225 units of Gonal F. I got 8 follies and 4 were a good size. At EC we got 3 eggs and they did IVF as dh's sperm were quite good. 1 egg wasn't good enough, 1 didn't fertilise and the 3rd one started to fertilise but stopped dividing.
    Started 2nd go (ICSI this time) in April, again dring on buserelin, but stimming on max dose of Menopur (the clinic (OFU) changed from Gonal F) 375 units. Just had my day 9 scan and lining is 4.9mm and any follies I have are tiny, I'm waiting for them to ring me to tell me what to do. I feel totally devastated, I never expected to get a worse result than last time. I just keep thinking that if I was on the max dose of Gonal F instead of Menopur then the result would be different.
    I have heard that The Lister is good for poor responders?
    I am worried that the OFU will say there is no point in trying again. If it is abandoned does it count as one of our funded cycles or not?
    I feel I am losing all hope for ever having a baby  :'(


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    Re: 2nd ivf and no response to menopur-advice needed
    « Reply #5 on: 27/05/11, 20:39 »
    missjackson.. I've just read your message and I feel your pain today..
    I can only share with you my cycles as I think it may give you some hope.
    In Dec 2010 we started our first ICSI in Jan 3 days prior to EC it was cancelled due to poor follie count (poor responder!!) all being small under 10mm. I was on menopur 3 amps per day. I was heartbroken I felt like i'd gone through a whole failed cycle and the thought of trying again worried the hell out of me.
    After some weeks we decided we would pay agian and give it another shot but this time after pushing the consultant we paid to have my AMH blood test done which came back at 6.45 which meant in my opinion there was no point in me doing long protocol we needed to have short or flare with 6 amps. My consultant finally agreed to proceed with Flare protocol as my natural FSH was good at 6.6 - 7.6. The cycle wnet well got 9 follies 6 of which carried eggs and 4 fertilised, 1 stopped dividing and the other 3 went on to be good quality embies as I was 36 it was agreed I would have SET (Selective embryo transfer.. Not my choice now) anyhow otd was 4th May and it was a BFN  :-[  after we met with the consultant again she couldn't answer why it didn't work just on of those things!! The Menopur worked much better on flare protocol and it only took 10 days to get to egg collection which was fantastic.
    Now we are waiting to start our 3rd and finally ICSI in July and fingers crossed it works out better for us!!
    I can't help you with your clinics situation but I can say after researching at length that Flare & Short protocol cycles are much better for poor responders. If you have a good FSH result then Flare is great for piggy backing your natuarl hormone levels If you AMH is poor and your FSH high then short protocol is best for you.
    If I was you ask them if you can carry on with the menopur if not then cancel this cycle.. I know it's really hard but better to have a fresh clean cycle on the right protocol and get the follies & eggs you need for the best possible outcome..
    Your still very young and very lucky.. I'm 37 in June and feel like everythings flown by without even a glimpse..
    Sorry for waffling on!!! Take Care.... Keep you chin up  ^hugme^