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Anthony Reid:
Hi Everyone,

My speech at the HFEA confreence was limited to 15 minutes, and this means that I couldnt say all of what I wanted to.

I have however compiled responses from research I did and in addition to the presentation - I have offered the document to the clinics also. This allows us to put forward many more views!

The HFEA have requested a copy of the notes too.

I have attached the presentation and the research document for you to read.

It would be great if you could provide feedback.

Thanks to everyone who helped!


Excellent - well done Tony!



Way to go, its great and no wonder it was well received

You did a sterling Job Boss man  ;)


Lou W:

I think you have more than done us justice on this one. Thankyou so much for standing up and representing our side of the story. You must have been very brave and I know we all are so very grateful.

The work you do is amazing - thanks for being so great!

Lou xx

Had a phone call from Barts to congratulate Tony on a job well done and that ther were very inpressed with the way he put accross his presentation.



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