* Author Topic: Anyone suffer PMS during 2ww (IVF) & still go on to get BFP ?  (Read 26389 times)

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Cheers ladies for the positive vibes...

....it's just I'm not getting AF symptoms as in cramps, sore boobs (although bit tender today but could be cos I've been prodding them to see if they hurt ^idiot^ )...just the PMS moodiness...feeling slightly better today though.

Not entirely convinced its a good sign but am trying to summon up positive thoughts ^reiki^

Am trying not to think too much about it...there's nothing I can do to change the outcome at the end of the day...I'm doing everything I can ie eating/drinking right things, no alcohol, gave up smoking when started treatment, plenty of resting etc etc...just have to hope that the beans have clung on and are still nestling in so no symptoms yet...

Anyway, thanks again and good luck to everyone ^reiki^

Take care


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    Keeping my ^fingerscrossed^ for you Natasha x