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Hello ladies, I haven't posted on ff for some time, but I just wanted to give an update for any other 40 + 's out there...
I decided to do one more natural ivf. So far I've done 1 natural modified and 2 natural. 1 miscarriage with the first and nothing with the next two.

I had EC on Tuesday and this was a completely natural cycle. The only drug I took was ovitrelle to trigger. I had two follicles and they got 2 eggs, both of which fertilized, but the second has not grown and so it is still being observed.

I had ET today with the 1 embryo, which is grade 1 and 3 cells on day 2 transfer.

Now just the horrible 2ww!! Any other 45 + ladies out there?

Eymet xx


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    I didn't dare look at this thread until recently. ... after 4 failed cycles, I am naturally pregnant (about 5 weeks) for the first time at the age of 41  :o

    We didn't think it possible and were about to start embryo donation in 2 weeks! 

    I'm still flabbergasted And nnot quite believing it.

    Congratulations to you all and good luck Emyet xx

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    Molly  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ This is probably my favourite thread on the whole of the FF site & I was hoping that you would post here  :) Again, I am just so thrilled for you and stories like yours really make me smile.
    Fingers still crossed for you & big hugs  ^hugme^
    Congrats on being PUPO Eymet  ^hugme^

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    Massive congratulations, wonderful news Molly99;D

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    Huge congratulations Molly, so delighted for you and you give us hope xx

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    Hi all!

    Just posting to say congrats to Molly and all the other successes! This is what dreams are made of! ^clapping^ ^clapping^

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    Hi Everyone  ^wave^

    Lovely to see so many wonderful success stories here for 40+ ladies, it really gives hope to ladies still on the journey to achieving their dream  :)

    With this in mind can I ask that we keep this thread 'on topic'.

    By doing this these amazing stories don't become lost in the chat of how you feel your success was achieved (changes to diet etc.)

    That said, I do believe it will be VERY useful to share your tips for success (these green smoothies sound interesting!) so I have created a new thread entitled "Healthy Tips for Over 40 Success"

    You can find it here:


    Thank you for your support and understanding  ^hugme^

    EDIT: the posts that were 'off topic' have now been moved to their new home (the new thread - link above) :)

    Maggie xxx
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    I thought I would post the conclusion to my story here.

    At the age of 42 baby CM arrived on Saturday. The result of three attempts of mild IVF.

    I could not be happier despite a bit of a traumatic birth and the consultant on ward rounds whilst I was in labour announcing to the gathered throng that it was an IVF pregnancy as a result of age related infertility. He then proceeded to ask whether the treatment has been OE! Wow, how to put a downer on proceedings...

    Anyway, she's definitely been worth the wait and I am looking forward to enjoying this new chapter of my life.

    I hope that all you lovely ladies one day soon also experience the same joy.



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    Congratulations Churchmouse! How wonderful! Wishing you so many marvellous times together with your baby and family  ^hugme^ Very encouraging to those of us over 40  :) xxx

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    Congratulations CM  ^hugme^ lovely news  :) interesting patient confidentiality & bedside manner of your consultant  ::)

    So on Thursday 2nd April, at the grand old age of 50, I gave birth to our second miracle baby  :-* He is a little gem & I am just so happy. Our family is now complete & I will be forever grateful to my clinic, a Spanish lady, and the many special ladies I have 'met' on this forum along my journey.