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Re: Stronge AF pains on 2ww
« Reply #10 on: 20/08/06, 22:58 »
official test date was saturday - nurse said it was a positive but a low reading(15) and i have to go back tomorrow....... did another test this evening (naughty girl eh...) and the line was really realy faint hardly there but i could seesomething.....

oh my head is a mess with this - its so unfair if its a false reading cos of the injections after all this...........

had bad abdomnal pains all through since iui.  boobs very sore, feel a bit sick -----------but again could this be the horrible injections.............

my periods are irregular usually but if i have been on fertility drugs (either clomid in the past or puregon now) my period is 28 days - that would have been last friday!!!




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