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CERAM - Marbella ,Spain - 6/10
« on: 18/08/06, 19:27 »
1)   Why did you choose the clinic?

We read a lot of positive reviews on Fertility Friends , and were impressed with the response to our initial enquiry to the clinic.

2) When did you start treatment there?

2 cycles – transfers in October 2005 and April 2006.

3) How well was the administration side of things handled? were your records available on the right dates etc?

Administration generally very good, but with occasional slip-ups regarding finances.

4) How did the staff come across? were they sympathetic?

Ruth (English nurse) excellent manner, very pleasant , efficient and well organized but obviously working to capacity.
Doctor Benito – pleasant enough, but somewhat robotic, with a laid-back approach.

5) from [1] - [10] how would you rate them on handling your case? - and please explain why.

6/10 – various reasons;

- information is forthcoming if you ask, but not always clearly stated from the outset , e.g.  age limit of 47 and policy of egg-sharing.

- there appears to be no backup if doctor is unavailable to carry out transfer– resulting in our case in waiting both times , the first time for 2 ½  hrs and second time 1 hr – (doctor delayed due to performing emergency surgery!!)

6) Were you forced to go to the hospital for the 2ww pg test? or were you offered the chance to test at home?

Tested at home.

7) If you cycle was sadly negative - how did they react? did they offer counselling? or any other form of support?

Negative twice – no counselling or support offered or additional tests recommended, just multivitamins and ‘better luck next time.’
(subsequent tests at another clinic have since found significant problems)

Overall ;

CERAM is a good but very small clinic which is becoming very busy indeed due to positive publicity and competitive prices – this has had the inevitable effect of increasing waiting times for treatment , and placing pressure on the staff who work there.
The staff were pleasant , but the most valuable asset to the clinic is Ruth, who appears to be the mainstay of the operation.
The egg-sharing policy reduces the number of eggs received per recipient, with 6-9 being quoted as the expected norm – this in our opinion reduces the chances of a reasonable choice of embryos available for transfer.
It would be helpful if additional tests were recommended in the event of failure.


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