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2 follicles - Advice please
« on: 4/09/06, 07:20 »
Went to Barts on Friday for 2nd attempt at icsi (1st resulted in miscarriage) to be told only 2 follicles and could go ahead but don't usually up to us as we're paying, am going back today to see if there is any change...  Wish me luck.  Has anyone else out there gone ahead with 2 follicles?  Last time, a year ago apparently I had 3 and a few small ones.  Don't know what way to turn next...  Can't do iui as sperm count is too low. I'm 39, don't smoke & have a glass of red wine occasionally & am generally healthy.  Which way next????   :'(


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    Re: 2 follicles - Advice please
    « Reply #1 on: 5/09/06, 19:00 »
    Dear Polly

    Sorry this reply is a bit late but just wanted to say that I hope things went well today.  My experience is that follies can pop up out of nowhere so it is worth continuing to see what happens (and maybe even stimming for a few days extra).  At the end of the day, getting even one egg gives you a chance. 

    On the other hand, perhaps your clinic might suggest changing your protocol on a future cycle to help you get a better response, in which case, when you are paying for each cycle, you might want to cut your losses on this one and aim for the next one.

    Sending you lots of  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ good luck wishes