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Re: What next after cancelled ICSI?
« Reply #10 on: 4/10/06, 16:45 »
Hi Tottie,

I couldn't agree more with everyone here. My first cycle was abandoned and I know it can be devastating. To be told that they don't want to treat you is just outrageous. Get yourself another clinic!
In my case, the doc felt that I had responded perhaps too well to the down regging. The following cycle I didn't down reg and had an increased dose of Gonal F (to the maximum dose). I got 3 eggs, of which 2 fertilised and were put back. My last cycle, I managed to produce 6 eggs, 3 fertilised and two made it to transfer. So there is plenty of scope for better results, especially as you are much younger.
Find a new clinic as has been suggested and keep your chin up. All is most certainly not lost!
Good luck  ^reiki^


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