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Re: Single Embryo Transfer - Your understanding.
« Reply #30 on: 19/04/06, 17:33 »
If it's at the Dr's discretion okay - but not if it's a blanket mandatory policy: the odds of successful average outcomes are not good enough in the UK (we are lagging behind our counterparts). The person's age, previous history etc etc should be taken into account. We are not all the same; and likely outcomes will vary. We are an ageing population - so whilst twins maybe a drain on the NHS long term the population needs young people for its economy. Personally it would force me to go abroad and take the risks that that involves.


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    Re: Single Embryo Transfer - Your understanding.
    « Reply #31 on: 24/04/06, 22:42 »
    I was speaking to my clinics counsellor last weekand he said in his opinion it was purely a financial issue that is forcing this issue about single embryo transfer not that the rates are as good as in Northern Europe and single transfer is as successful, but it was the cost of twin/triplet pregnancies on NICU's and the NHS, adn if they only do one funded cycle for couple, and put back one embryo and it does result in a BFP then the NHS funded cycles are over for most couples!

    I agree it should be judged individually case by case, depending on age/results etc.

    L xx

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    Re: Single Embryo Transfer - Your understanding.
    « Reply #32 on: 25/04/06, 11:02 »
    Hi Almamay,

    I feel that our members need to understand the whole issue - both pros and cons before attempting the 2007 consultation.

    Our intention is to provide unbiased information to our members to enable them to make an informed/educated  decision about Single Embryo Transfer.

    To answer your question "Are we, FF members, considered the 'public'?  Or are we considered something more?" - we are the public yes.... and I don't feel we should be considered anything more. After all the public voice should be the strongest (And yes - I know what your thinking).

    Saying that... the HFEA certainly do acknowledge us as having a huge influence, and they have said this to me personally. Our influence is of course is dictated by our flow of membership and frequent activity within things like the HFEA consultations and nice guidelines, department of health consultations etc.

    We are more than just a website - we are a very active community who cannot be fooled ;)


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    Re: Single Embryo Transfer - Your understanding.
    « Reply #33 on: 9/05/06, 21:35 »
    SET should be a guideline not a regulation.

    If SET is introduced as a regulation, more couples will seek treatment abroad (we only need to look at the response to the changes to the donor regulation to know that this will happen).

    Many countries have more lax regulations than UK, so if more people go abroad you would expect to see more people having even more embryos put back.

    Thus, SET in the UK could well increase the problems of multple births + therefore the cost to the NHS (which is all the HFEA is interested in after all).

    The decision should be up to the individual and the consultant based on the individual's circumstances during that specific cycle of treatment.  How can you make a broad-brush regulation when you may have top class embies on one cycle and rubbish ones the next?

    I agree with the last post, that the HFEA should focus on doing something to benefit us, rather than dreaming up daft regulations which will decrease the chances of success in the UK.

    I think the HFEA should also ask themselves how come we're so far behind so many other countries when it comes to IVF success in the UK - they are focusing their energy in the wrong areas.  Why don't they do anything about the price disparity; lack of NHS funding; differences in the clinic standards???

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    Re: Single Embryo Transfer - Your understanding.
    « Reply #34 on: 23/12/06, 10:07 »

    Im not sure my understanding of SET is what it should be, but if I am right, back in March when my treatment started the hospital I was treated at was asking certain patients to volunteer for SET, it was those on thier first treatment cycle, and under 35, I guess this was so they could gather data.. I decided after much thought to decline and had two embryos put back, I am now 39 weeks pregnant with a single baby, I cant help but think that had I opted for one embryo to be transfered there is a 50/50 chance that I would not be pregnant now.

    I really agree with a lot of comments on here about the financial implications but right now as I await the birth of my longed for baby I cant help but think it certainly wouldnt have helped me, and all the politics and reasoning in the world cannot change that.

    Nellie x

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    Re: Single Embryo Transfer - Your understanding.
    « Reply #35 on: 24/12/06, 09:23 »
    My understanding of SET is the govt is trying to make me wait even longer to have a successful cycle just in case I have twins - personally I am very annoyed with this proposition and really think it should not come into effect until our success rates as a country increase dramatically.

    I wonder if we go to SET as a country whether there would be lots more FET cycles. In that case, maybe the clinics should be including FET in their IVF prices (ie make it all a lot cheaper).

    The most worrying thing is the embie quality. We recently used up 8 embies to get three blasts (of which we put two put back with BFN although our clinic did suggest SET). Of those 8 clearly on 3 were ever going to make it to the 5 day stage... We would have wasted all 8 goes of course but at least we knew we were using our best embies. I really hope if SET comes in as standard then blast culture does too...