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hiya all!
ok, yep, got the flights done, going Dublin Vienna flight lands at 11.10 then L'viv flight is 1.20, 'presume 2 hours is enough, Pen is it easy to find the desk or were you always on a through flight, dh going mad at me telling me 2 hours is fine ( i really shouldn't have given him the 30 min option he wanted that one!).  On the way back we're travelling on the 11th to Vienna, overnighting then vienna dublin the next day, it's a toss up between stress at too much flying on one day (i have absolutely no proof that flying is an issue! but you know what it's like) or stress at flying a day closer to implantation!  Have settled for the 2nd so at least there's no worries about connections, the Dublin flight is not an option, it leaves in the morning and the lviv flight only gets in at 16.45.  I feel a good bit calmer now.  And it fairness when we went to Brussels it was worse because we were only doing donor sperm then and we could only book our flights the night I was triggered!  So we had about 18 hrs to book, fly, get to the hospital and have e/r!  And Brussels is such a mon to fri city that flights and accomodation were hard to find at such short notice.  So actually on balance this is better.
Anyway, i'm going on and on again!  I've asked for the apartment you recommended, Pen, 'just waiting to hear back, 'just want to get it booked and sorted and start being calm again!  I wouldn't mind but i'm generally fairly bloody calm, this thing brings out the inner control freak in me!!!!!!!! 
How are u getting on with the drugs, nearly there, yay!  I think I'll only have the heparin injections, must check, but i've a lot less injections than before, i've a feeling my own clinic have changed some from intersono and i'm happy to go with that because they know me so well, 'having said that, again, there is a vast amount of peroxide in my hair that mingles with my inate inability to pay attention to detail so I could be on double the amount!
Girls, we're away for a few days and i've no clue if the hotel in donegal has internet.  Pen, I'm not sure when you're going even though i've scrolled about 40 times!  If i'm not on before you go, good luck girlie!  Wishing you a perfect lining, perfect eggs and sperm and fantastic fertilisation!!!!!!!!  Of course you're probably going to have net connection when you're away, but just in case!!!!!!
Butterflys, if you're stuck with booking, i spoke with caitriona in curragh travel, she was really helpful, or i can give you the carriers, just shout.  I spent 2 days having a meltdown then figured it out (and by figuring it out i mean i asked a proffessional!!!!).
love to all
hearty the waffler!


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    Hi all!
    Hearty, I'm having / just had a melt down re travel but all booked now TG!  Have been researching for weeks and just decided to bite the bullet - as I'm sure you know if you google dub to lviv you get the most long winded route with "millions" of connections - my head is fried!!! 
    On Sunday I got a mad notion to travel Dub - Budapest - Kiev cause I didnt realise there was a direct flight from Dub to Vienna (checked it out and was sure there wasnt!).  Then in the middle of booking the website crashed, spent 2 days on the phone to paypal, and eventually got throught to flight company who said I had booked the return flights TWICE!!!  Cancelled them, no charge luckily, then set about booking Vienna - just about to hit confirm - POWERCUT!!!  When power came back house alarm went off, neither me nor DH knew how to turn it off cause we never set it and couldnt remember code - mother in law to the rescue.  Back up to computer and started again .....
    We're flying to Dub - Vienna 31 July, staying the night in Vienna and flying to Lviv Sun 01 Aug, then back to Vienna Wed and Home to Dub Friday - this is my summer holiday so I'm making the most of it!!!     
    Only hitch, booked Austrian flight form Vienna to Lviv - stated their was a minimum stay required - "1 sat night or 3 nights" - I presume they mean Lviv, anyone know whats this about?  More emails to customer service Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    Another bad thought - do we need visa's?
    Penny, have been on to Maryana and your spot on, she is lovely, very efficent.  #115 isnt available but she has recommended #230 so we're going with that, it looks lovely.
    Have to get off this PC, my sugar levels are way too low!  Jees I'm stressed enough without the drugs, what will I be like in July?!  Had great intentions of losing weight before Aug and getting all healthy, now just feel like eating all the time - would mind a glass of wine either - hey thats the best idea I have all day - purely medicinal mind - cheaper that prozac!
    Bye girlies,
    Butterflys the even bigger waffler!!!

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    Hi Girls,

    This will be last email from UK.  Just got this from Intersono, checking we are coming - have put entire address, cos they now have skype and it might be useful to you.

    "Dear Penny,
    I confirm that the donor's aspiration is due on June, 18.
    We wait for you and your husband at the clinic at 10:00.
    Please, confirm.

     Best regards,
    Lyucyna Didina
    Nurse of clinical department
    PE Medical centre Intersono Ltd. Co.
    102 Antonovych street
    79057 Lviv

    office: +380 32 237 7012
    mob:  +380 669 292 244
    skype: didina.lutsyna
    mail to: [email protected]

    How is your cyrillic coming on?  Hope it's getting better - I promise you it will make the world of difference to your stay.  And get a phrasebook too (Amazon does a good one). :)   

    Hearty, glad your missives are as long as mine  ::) - I feel I'm the only one warbling on and on, so good to see other warblers! ;D Your husband is right to want the 30 min flight, it's wonderful to jump off one plane and immediately get on the next.  The whole trip done and dusted.  On the other hand, it would be stressful for you and that's not a good thing.

    You can remind him too that on your return you are not allowed to carry ANYTHING, and he will be dragging ALL the hand luggage -no easy task if you have to run between terminals!  We've done this trip so often we actually know where to run to.

    Apartment 115 is just in the best possible place.  The town is divided a bit between 2 areas of focus.  There is Rynok Square (площа ринок  - plosha rinok - square market - market square) and Svobody Avenue.  Svobody is about 10 minutes walk from Rynok and is a very long central green avenue, roads each side, leading to the amazing Opera House (do visit it and try to see an opera there).  It's the modern centre of L'viv.  But by far the nicest, more interesting and more touristy is Rynok Square.  It's an amazing place with gorgeous tall multicoloured houses all around the large central municipal offices.  Apartment 115 is on the first floor of one of these tall houses and overlooks the municipal building and square.  In fact, you will see lots of weddings on the saturdays you're there.  You can sit on your balcony in the sun and people & tram watch!  I'll put up some pics of it on my blog (follow the link below).  There is good wifi and underfloor heating in the bathroom (and kitchen I think). Best of all, it's right in the very centre of L'viv and you've got a great little supermarket a minute's walk away.  Will let you have more info if you need it.

    Re hair - hahahaha.  I am peroxided too - but on top of that I have pillarbox red.  I had just the under bits bright red for a while, but a couple of weeks ago went the whole hog (like Janey Ross) and I LOVE it. 

    Butterflys - You don't need visas to go to Ukraine.  OMG.  230????  That is the one we are staying in from tomorrow!!!!  What an odd thing!  Well, I'll put all the pics up on my website when I get back and can tell you all you need to know about it.  How very funny.  It's not central like the one we had before, but it sounds and looks nice and is apparently only 10 mins walk to Rynok - and I need to get there for daily melted chocolate fix.

    Nb have now put on 4lbs thanks to drugs, so on point of giving up.  You must understand that L'viv is entirely populated with extraordinarily pretty (beautiful) girls and women - stick thin - always in tight jeans or trousers.   ^bigbad^ They look very tailored and even when scruffy, somehow look smart.  They are all skinny apart from when they get to 50s when they splurge into Babooshkas.  No idea how that works.  As a size 12, I feel enormous when there.

    My DH and I do stand out a lot - he has waist length long blonde hair and mine was half dark brown, half pillarbox red. EVERYONE stared at us whenever we went out (girls don't dye their hair and men have short back and sides).  Now mine is bright bright red all over, I may get pilloried.  Yikes.

    Will post when I can over there.  But I'm taking my ipad rather than macbook this time and for some unknown reason I can't post from the ipad (it's fine with other sites - just this one is a problem).  So I will have to wait till DH gets home from work before I can wibble.

    Lots of love to you both,

    will put up pics of last time there on my blog (you can get there from link below) but give me a few mins to do it!!

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    Hi Penny!
    Have just logged onto your blog and its a mine of brilliant info and pictures, have you logged on hearty? - if not do it now!  Canbt believe I forgot to until now, so many random thoughts going on in this head of mine its not funny! Your hair looks fab by the way, I love it! I'm a member of the peroxide club too!
    Very best of luck, will be thinking of you both, Hope #230 is lucky for us both!
    Bye for now,
    Butterflys X

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    In Ukraine now. All well.  Flights good, 30 min connection fine.

    Got taxi from airport via inlviv and Olga came too & showed us new apartment.  Really lovely with sunny balcony all afternoon and eve.

    Forgot to mention, when u get on flight to l'viv from Vienna if they put a tag on yr hand luggage it means it must go in the hold and not on board.

    That's all for now. ;D ^dancing spot^

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    Found I can post from iPad using quick reply but have no idea where strange dancing smiley came from!!!!!!
    Love penx

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    Hi girls,
    Looks like it is all happening now for you, remember stay chilled (yep easier to say than to do!)
    Pen your message about the bleed:
    (Interesting about your bleeds on the flight - did you not think they might be implantation bleeds  ??? - would be about the right time? )
    I was hoping it was implantation bleeding of course and 2 weeks later we both had identical bleeds mine quite heavy and until we spoke about them we were unsure for sure what was happening but as they were at the exact same times we breathed a little easier.   I just thought I would mention it so as not to alarm anyone on their flights that it may happen.
    good luck to you all I will be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed!  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^
    My four have just gone to bed, daddy is off for the football ::)  so he reads them the most amazingly frightening bedtime stories which they love!

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    To all the UK ladies: Where do you guys do your protocol in the Uk (or in london)? I would like to undergo the egg stimulation process here and then go to the ukriane for egg puncture only but I can't find a clinic that is willing to monitor me. Any suggestions? I can't give myself injections either....

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    Hi pharmchick,
    Your first port of call should be your own doctor.  When I started ivf I was incredibly lucky to have a wonderful GP who totally supported me with drugs etc.  Sadly, he has now retired and I find it more tricky to get help, but you may be lucky and it's got to be worth a try.

    Most ladies here are using egg donors (the main reason we are using Intersono) so your protocol would be substantially different to ours.  Clinics like Intersono often like you to go out before so they can do tests and check for problems.  I went out last month for a hysteroscopy and now I'm back here for ET. They did the ICSI (egg puncture?) on my husbands sperm last Friday.  If you went out initially, you could then get all the drugs you will need from them.  They can also arrange a prescription to be sent to an Italian clinic, who will then post hem to you.

    Re injections.  Doing ivf alone does mean you will probably have to give yourself injections. If it helps I hate them and have fainted twice when a nurse takes blood.  But I knew I had to do it, so I got an injection gun.  Youfill the syringe, put it in a big green pen thing, hold it to your tummy and press the button.  It is a tiny prick and you don't see the needle.  This cycle I was given glass syringes by Intersono and so I had to do it myself (DH offered) and I did it. Still hated it tho.

    Hopefully someone else here will be able to help you more.  But go the GP route first and after that try a private clinic.


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    Emps - so glad all is well with your family, your story is so inspiring.  Re bleed, I think implantation bleeding should be 1-5 days after 5DET, so yours would be right, but what happened after that is weird. I'm storing all this info up in case it happens to me!

    ET tomorrow, although no word from Lyucyna about eggs or when I should come in! She said she'd email me on sat.  Will have to ring her I guess. Am a little worried as for last two nights I've woken in the morning with chronic pain in groin/lower abdomen. Think it may be kidney stones or swollen ovaries. Nearly passed out with pain this morning, so weird it is immediately relieved by going to loo. Nags a bit after that, but then is totally gone. Don't want to mention it to clinic, tho prob should. Bother.