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Dear Members

Welcome to the TREATMENT DIARIES.  This area is for you to tell other people about your own treatment journeys. We all know that the going through fertility treatment is one of the hardest and most emotional parts of any fertility treatment and that access to information on how others coped with it is rare to find. 

To help you locate the information you are seeking in this are we decided to start the TREATMENT DIARIES, we are looking for your experiences on how you coped/dealt with the treatments you experienced, which fertility treatment you had, which drugs you took, whether the outcome was positive or negative...we want your experiences in these diaries.

The subject of your post should be presented like this..example "Menopur - Off work - Outcome BFP" This will help you the member quickly identify the information you are looking for without having to read every single diary.

If your treatment is recent please use this as a daily diary, posting daily if you wish about how you are coping and finding the treatment is going for you. If your treatment is from a while ago then please also post your diary but in more of a story format rather then a daily diary style.

The Treatment Diaries are now categorised into IVF/ICSI/CLOMID/FET/IUI etc etc, please ensure that your diary is started in the correct category :)

I hope that you find this thread a great resource of information and support during your own

Your Moderators are LizzyB & Emmalottie :)

Good luck to all
Amanda :)
Management Team


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