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« on: 5/03/07, 12:07 »
Hi all

Has anyone ever had hypnosis for anything? I have an appointment booked this week and really don't know what to expect so thought I would see what other peoples' experiences are.

The first appointment is just a general discussion but I am still very nervous!

Thanks in advance  :)



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    Re: Hypnosis
    « Reply #1 on: 5/03/07, 12:15 »
    Hi Rachel

    I've had hypnosis to several times to help with my anxiety and depression after we lost Charlie, and also coping with IF.

    DH and I had been going for counselling and the counsellor (who is also a qualified reflexologist and hypnotist) suggested that hypnosis might help me. I was a little dubious but desperate at that point in my life so gave it a go.

    Basically we discussed what I wanted to get out of the experience, then I sat in a chair and tried to relax. She talked about breathing deeply and some mental imagery, and I could feel my body getting really heavy. I never felt 'out of control' (i.e. no dancing chickens!) and did think that if I wanted to I could have got up and walked away, although I never did.

    After a while (no idea how quickly/slowly time was passing) she counted to 10 and said eyes wide awake and I was back in the room again.

    I had several sessions (about 10 I think) and they ranged from sitting there in floods of tears, to feeling totally relaxed, to actually smiling.  I have some pretty vivid memories of things that I thought about whilst 'under', including one memory where I was sat in a hospital ward holding Charlie - something that never happened but the memory is very comforting....

    I think that hypnosis only works if you trust the person completely, and are open to trying it.
    I know several people (other than me) who have also found it really helpful, but also a few who have thought it is stuff and nonsense ::)
    I guess the only way is to try it and see :)

    Good luck!


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    Re: Hypnosis
    « Reply #2 on: 11/03/07, 11:14 »
    HI Rachel

    I had hypnosis for stopping smoking and found it really relaxing - In fact, I would go again just to chill out ;D

    Like Deb, I never felt out of control or asleep or anything, but when she said 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 wide awake - I felt a bit conned as I thought it had only taken about 10 minutes.  In fact it had been over an hour ^scared^ ;D

    I couldn't believe it !

    I left feeling very at peace and happy :)

    Jennifer xx xx

    ps - I did stop smoking for a long time after that but eventually began again due to immense stress at the time.  I smoked less than half of what I smoked previously and was more 'in control' of my smoking than before my hypnosis.  I have since given up with the help of Allan Carrs book  ^bow^  Its been over 18 months now  ^pompom^

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    Re: Hypnosis
    « Reply #3 on: 11/03/07, 12:36 »

    i had hypnosis to help with a recurrent nightmare and also with stopping smoking and it worked both times. I have also had past life regression ( very interesting ! ^eyes^ - but thats another story !)