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Operations at IM
« on: 20/03/07, 15:15 »
Hi everyone


Does anyone know of anyone who has had an operation at IM (CIMA).

I recently went for an initial consult at IM. I already knew I had intra-mural fibroids. (I had an open myemectomy in 2001 in UK but they have regrown.)

I am currently on a dummy cycle and need to go back to IM for a colour doppler in mid-April. This will be to look at the blood flow around the uterus. However, Dr O whilst not an advocate of unnecessary surgery on the uterus thinks this may be necessary.

My consultant here in the UK said she wouldn't recommend it but then wrote me a dreadful letter saying that if I got pg the fibroids would restrict the growth of any resulting embryo and restrict implantation.

An opertion abroad sounds very daunting. I'm sure standards are high there, if not higher than the NHS but the thought is still scary.

best wishes to all


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