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hi all - i am new to this board and am delighted to have found it - and you all. i have pov and am nearing the end of my second 2ww. the first was 02/02/07 . this time i have had acupuncture and chinese herbs since day 2 of transfer. my chinese practitioner has said that my temperature needs to be 37.6 for success - unfortunately its not been higher than 36.4 - today it was 36. my test is this sat 05/05 and i don't feel positive yet i am afraid not to continue with acupuncture and herbs . it cost 55 a session and herbs are more again... oh i'm just feeling despondent and feel that i am just shelling out cash to these people - no guarantees - no results . the clinic i went to is fiv center madrid - has anyone else gone there? :-\


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