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this is my 2nd attempt at this treatment... after the first attempt i had a normal period....... but this time i have not bled i have defo missed a period but the 2 home tests i have done have been negative... i am due to go the clinic on sat for my official pg test ... am i pregnant ?


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    Hi & welcome to FF.

    If you're currently in 2ww of ICSI treatment then you should ignore when your normal period would usually be due....this is not a natural cycle you're having so when you period would normally be due is irrelevant.  Also, I presume you're on some form of progesterone supplement such as cyclogest which can delay your period.

    If you're not due to test until Saturday then you've still got another 3 days & if you've tested already then personally I'd say you are testing too early.  How many days past transfer are you and how old were the embies when put back eg was it a day 2 or 3 transfer or were they blastocysts (day 5) ?

    I know it's easier said than done but I would avoid testing again until your official date and try not to over analyse everything...there is just no way of knowing if you're pg because all the medication we're on can cause all sorts of symptoms.  Each treatment cycle is different so what happened last time may be completely different this time round.

    Fingers crossed it's good news for you on Saturday....good luck ^reiki^ ^reiki^
    Take care

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    Charmed - everything crossed for a BFP hun  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    Siobhan x