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Hi everyone, I am due to start my IVF treatment and as a first timer, I am nervous, excited yet scared off all the treatments/needles due to come!

I do not know of anyone who has been through IVF therefore I am feeling lost and would love to get opinions/advise on what to expect. Ideally from beginning to end of IVF procedure. From the moment I received the medication in the post till the very last stage (which I am unsure off). I have been to a teach appointment however that all went in one ear and out the other as there was ALOT of new information to take in within 3 hours of my appointment! I have the booklet and URL links to watch but I’d feel more at ease if I can speak with someone who has gone or is going through similar IVF treatment as myself.

My medication consists of Bemfole/Centrotide/Gonasi/Progesterone

Thank you so much for taking your time and effort in reading/commenting on this post, much appreciated!!


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