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  1. Poor Response/Treatment With Low AMH/High FSH
    Hi, I am on day 8 of my first mild ivf cycle with Create. Extremely low AMH, high FSH/LH and AFC 4 on baseline scan. Day 6 scan showed 1 dominant follicle on the right with a really small one on the left that they said wouldn't amount to anything. Day 8 today and the scan showed only one...
  2. New to Fertility Friends? Why not introduce yours
    Hi I’m new here , and I’m heartbroken and petrified. I received results last week and the consultant was very blasé and straight talking .. I have AMH of 3.7 very high FSH(I’m waiting for the actual number he didn’t tell it me at the time) and significant Significantly low Vit D . Literally his...
  3. POF/Early Menopause
    Hello, Have had a crazy year, months of having positive pregnancy tests then being told not pregnant and ?misscarriages as hcg always below 5 in bloods. Turns out I’m my FSH IS 89 and AMH <0.5. So ??hormones caused the positive tests. Hadn’t had a period for 6 months but have just had a light...
1-3 of 3 Results