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  1. Poor Response/Treatment With Low AMH/High FSH
    Hi All, My last IVF cycle was cancelled due to there being only one follicle.. The hospital didn’t really explain why this was and have offered me no help except to tell me to register my interest in ‘donor eggs’ but that it was over a 2 years wait (I am already 40 so this was hard to...
  2. IVF
    Hello all I am so excited to finally start this ivf journey it has been a long time coming. Trying to stay open minded and am prepared for anything as the outcome as I do not want to be too disappointed. But I am remaining positive and am looking forward to taking this step in the right...
  3. IVF
    Hello I am half way through IVF treatment abroad and need to go backfor the FET soon. The clinic abroad has asked me to get some injections and a baseline and endometrial thickness scan. I need to find a gynaecologist who can and is willing to help at a reasonable price. Can anyone...
1-3 of 3 Results