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Hoping you can advise what's the best course of action for me.

I'm 14+4wks pg. My MIL has this dreaded virus that's lurking round our neck of the woods (severe headcold, fever etc).
I've woken with what seems to be a head cold rearing its ugly head ^bigbad^

Ive heard its dangerous for bubs if i get a fever (which I believe is next on the cards if it is this virus).

What do I do for the best? Is it best to take paracetamol now to stop a fever starting or wait for any signs then treat?

Im scared stiff that this virus will end our baby dreams. :'(


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Just take the paracetamol when and if you get a fever, for it to do any harm it would have to be extremely high, so try not to worry too much.  Keep taking plenty of fluids to keep hydrated,

emilycaitlin xx
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