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Both 37 ttc at least 10 years, problems with Hubby's motility etc & I've low AMH levels.
Doc expected 3 eggs but retrieved 12 from 8 follicles 9 matured 8 fertilised 3 made it to 5/6 day blastocysts with ICSI

Just feeling lost & a bit hopeless after 2 failed rounds, 1st Fresh 5day transfer (Nov21) & 2nd Frozen 6day transfer (Apr22)

1 frozen 6day embryo left in the freezer

Both rounds all feedback was positive, everything's looking perfect..... no success though

Just wondering what happens now, we're waiting on review apt for the last round, 1st review the doc wasn't interested in any further tests/screening, he just said lets progress with the FET and see how is goes, only difference was the meds - nasal spray followed by HRT to keep the lining thick. I just hope it's not a case of seeing if its 3rd time lucky will anything be different?

Doc mentioned steroids but we need to have 3 fails first? They don't seem to understand the toll it takes on you going through each round emotionally, struggling at the moment with AF arriving after 3 weeks of stopping the HRT. I don't know if I'm struggling with the all the hormones flushing out of my system now or it's more down to the processing the outcome

Hubby is ready to quit I think more for my benefit but he's happy to keep going as long as I can manage. (History of depression & anxiety but I've been doing well in last 5 years) Aiming to go for round 3 then maybe have a break to rethink the options

Someone said to me recently it's the loneliest thing you can go through and I have to say as hard as it was to hear they were spot on :( which is why I've joined here :)

Anyone in a similar situation have any advice?

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