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I first poti trained twin girl boy and 2 yrs, twin girl dry day and night within week and doing great.

My son was fine first 3 days and was able to push a wee out then started refusing so we stopped anad tried again this week he is 3 in a month.  this is day 3 and so far not done anything in the toilet/poti.  His napi is we when he gets up then he normally pees once before nap time (put napi on) then pees anther once before bed time so not alot of pees to catch.  I have been giving him lots and lots of juice and fruit and veg to make him go more often but its not working.  This time round he is just point blank refusing to even sit on toilet.  We geared him up a week before, getting him all excited, explaining i tto him, let him choose new pants etc and he seemed keen but if I said oh well I will need to put a napi on he is like ok then mummy.  He did say yesterday he was needing poo but it was already came out then when I sat him on toilet he didnt even try push it out just sat there until it came out.  If I do get him to sit on the poti he doesnt manage to squeeze anything out, but he did manage this the first time.

I am doing the gina ford method ie no napi at all apart from nap times.

my partner thinks we should give up but my concern is that he is capable of doing it just being stubborn and if I turn back now he will realise the next time he jsut has to say no. I know you are not meant to give him into trouble for it or make it a big deal for him but I dont know what to do if he just point blank refuses.  We are making it fun and giving him decisions ie do you want to try poti or toilet, mummy or daddy to take you, mummy or scott to go first etc but nothign working he just says no thank you mummy mr pee pee not ready.  Even wathcing his twin or other kids at playgroup not helping

any ideas, playschool says he would refuse to go but this time has actually sat a few times and done toilet now.  our holiday is in 3 wks time (abroad) I had hoped this was plenty of time to master it, not wanting poti training going on for months thast why i waited n=but partner works away so wanted to attempt when he was home
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