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Hi everyone

For the last couple of weeks but I have not coped very well with our chemical pregnancy in March and have shut myself away. It hasn't helped that my DH has Crohns disease and as a result of the stress of the chem preg he has had a serious flare up and has been quite poorly (stress and upset is the worst thing for Crohns sufferers). Anyway, I have been very down as a result of these things and the only happiness I have had lately is my gorgeous little man - at 2 and a half he keeps me occupied!

However, I have been thinking about my fertility history lately and am wondering if anyone could give me their thoughts please?

In August 2004 we had our 1st egg donor ivf, after being diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure and trying a few courses of Clomid (which had no effect at all!) - this resulted in a Chemical Pregnancy. In 2005 we had our 2nd ED Ivf, which thankfully resulted in our precious little boy. Then as you know we had our 3rd ED Ivf (Reprofit) which although resulted in a BFN I am fairly sure that it may have implanted early on and then fell away as I had quite strong pregnancy symptoms (same as James' pregnancy and same as the chemical in March) - even though by the time I used a hpt it showed negative. Then in March we had the chemical (following FET). My thought is - even though I have had James - could I have an immune issue? I have read that some ladies have Gestone injections (as opposed to Cyclogest) - could this help? Or Asprin?

Any help would be great - and I am so so so sorry about the me post but I am getting really down about it all at the moment.

Take care Mandellen xxxx
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