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Hi I am new to FF and looking to build my courage to go again for a 2nd donor egg attempt. We have been TTC for about 4 years, and about a year ago were advised that DE was our best option, due mainly to our lack of success and my age, being 42 at the time. This came at a v difficult time in my life, as in the very same week that I began fertility investigation, I lost my Mum to cancer. Only 7 months beforehand we'd got married. We decided to get on with things and following a 2nd trip into hospital to have one tube removed, fibroids and endometriosis dealt with, we went to IM Barcelona last summer. In late August we had a BFN. Up until then our spirits had been very good, as we were doing something positive, yet after the BFN i kind of collapsed in a heap, realising everything that had happened. We had another set back in Oct when we were told my DH had significant DNA frag issue. He was very upset. But in a more recent test it seems now to be normal. I think we're ready to try again and I guess we just need to give ourselves the last little kick to get ourselves moving again. We're also undecided about whether to continue with IM, I wasn't too impressed with them in the Autumn and others have had negative experiences too it seems; the success rate seems to have dropped off. We could try somewhere like Zlin instead but that means starting all over again. I guess we just need a bit of inspiration and support to take the next step forwards. It would be great to talk to others on FF and get going again.
The info I've seen here already is beginning to help so thank you to FF, its so good to be able to relate to other members with similar issues and feelings. I had no idea how hard this was going to be.
C x

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Hi Caudalie11 and welcome to FF :)

Huge hugs for you C, you've had a really rough time haven't you? ^hugme^
Please have a good look around the site and feel free to post in any area, and make yourself at home. There are many who are on their TTC journey, and others who have been fortunate to have little ones with assistance. You will soon discover that our members are very encouraging of one another and offering advice or just simple hugs. There's a vast amount of information here for everyone, so start reading, posting and getting to know others. You will make some great friends too, lots of members often have meet ups locally too, for chats, coffee, shopping or even nights out! You can share conversations with one another freely, simply because we all understand each other. It's hard when family and friends don't fully comprehend what this journey entails and the emotions that go with it. That's where we come in!

Here are some links which you should find really useful at the moment……

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Fibroid Problems ~ CLICK HERE

Donor sperm/eggs ~ CLICK HERE

TTC over 40 ~ CLICK HERE

Negative Cycle Follow up Questions ~ CLICK HERE ^hugme^

Here is the board for Cz Rep, post any questions you may have for the Zlin clinic ... http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?board=347.0

and likewise for the Spain board :) http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?board=356.0

Wishing you lots of luck ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ and ^fairydust^
Keep in touch
Ceri xx

PS I have also sent you a pm (private message)
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