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Hi Missspud,
Sounds like you need to give yourself a rest.
I am on my 3rd IUI. 1st non stimulated Oct 03, 2nd stimulated July and just had 3rd yesterday.
On my 2nd I had just ovulated on my scan and they detected that from the shape of the follicle and had to call DH to come in to do sample and had insemination straight away,
Yesterday I had fluid and the nurse said it was a good sign and meant that I was ovulating.
Personally I inject on day two of my cycle and then have scan on day nine, my follicle was 17mm on day nine and had insemination on day 13 ( yesterday ).
Personally I know what you are saying about the stress and retail therapy but It helped me to have a break...nine months between 1st and 2nd attempt... this prob is to long but If this 3rd attempt fails I am going for IVF and I will wait until new year so I can get mentally sound..
I also have started Yoga and this keeps me sane...
All the worrying will not help you and ask as many questions as you can about anything at your clinic to put your mind at rest...
Bobble xxxxxx
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