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Here goes (sorry if i blabber!!)

I have been on this site a lot recently and it has given me a lot f help, Im now on my second go of OI with 115ml of menopur every day(then timed natural intercourse) . The first cycle was abandoned after 29 days of injecting as i had to many eggs but none over 17mm. So here i go again I had a scan on day 4 with on egg at 10mm so was pleased ;D ;D, but then went back yesterday to fid no growth and my uterus had thinned down to 6.8mm  ^idiot^ ^idiot^.
Also im worried what to do with all my medications i take once i do get pregnant (docs dont seem to sure they keep changing their mind). So i thought i would say what i take and see if someone on here knows :)
I take Growth hormone (in the form of an injection)
HRT, both est and pro as i dont produce any so dont have a period naturally
Thyroxine, as i dont produce any
DDAVP, as i have diabetis insipidus.
I take all these as i had a brain tumour on my pituatry gland removed when i was 12 so am missing all hormones with come from here, hence the fertility problems.

OMG this has been a rambly message sorry ??? ???
but just thought id get more help here as most my questions seemed to be answered here.

Thank you xxxxxxxxx

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Good luck for everything Ive just come through 2nd OI unfortunately BFN for me! :'(.

Cant answer you questions properly as only a doctor or someone suitably qualified could do them justice (different clinics etc have differing  views i.e is the medication so essential that it outweighs any risks? there may be other alternatives?)

I think you should ask the questions again and demand a proper reply  they must know the answer!. They will have come across this before! ^bigbad^

Explain that this whole process is stressful enough without the added worry of being confused about medications! :) ^idiot^

You are so brave with all you have come through! sending you lots of love and luck ^pray^ ^reiki^ ^hugme^

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