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Hi everyone,
I have searched for similar posts to this but I can't find anything...

We are on our second round of ICSI and as you can see by our signature we were very, very lucky  :)  and now have a little angel to show for it. We recently started our second lot of tx in the hope of providing our little boy with a brother or sister.

My first scan whilst DRing was last week, where I was told to continue with Buserelin as my lining was still too thick. I returned today only to find that my lining is STILL too thick and that I also have one follicle  :eek:  I have been given the release injection today in the hope of breaking down the follicle and am to continue with the Buserelin until my next period arrives when I should book another scan. I presume the clinic will then decide whether or not to cancel the cycle  :'(

I am absolutely gutted - our last cycle couldn't have gone more smoothly in terms of tx and outcome... I am finding this very hard to deal with. I know we were so very lucky the first time round.. I feel a little silly for hoping that it might be only half as easy second time round.

PMA is something I am also struggling to find within me  :(

Just wondered if there is anyone out there who has been in a similar situation??

Thanks  :)
Pocket Rocket xxx
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